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Wendy Wild -- 1956-1996. This is Wendy Wild's autobiography. She wrote this in May 1996, just months before her death from breast cancer.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Queen of Clubs

with now explosion

After Club 57 folded, the hangout became the Pyramid. It was a bar with a disco dance floor in the back. The decor was nothing short of fabulous, resembling a Louis the 14th Street boudoir. It was truly the queen of clubs with more queens on the bar than off. At one point, there were 3 floors bursting with activities at the same time. The basement level resembled a live sex act, the main floor had Sister Dimension deejaying, and the top floor was reserved for animal acts, complete with dancing poodles. It was here that I started performing Joey Heatherock. She was a wayward sex kitten blown in from the Betty Ford clinic. The Capricorn Dancers were my side kicks, always dropping me in the middle of some wacky dance routine. One night I was blowing kisses to the audience, I went to leave the stage but missed the stairs so I grabbed the silver mylar curtains and brought them down with me. THe following morning found me laying in the middle of Times Square in a ratty old fur coat, posing for a photo shoot. There I was armed with martinis, toasting the early morning rush hour commuters!

joey heatherrock


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