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Wendy Wild -- 1956-1996. This is Wendy Wild's autobiography. She wrote this in May 1996, just months before her death from breast cancer.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Christmas in Japan

When we arrived in Tokyo, it was like being plunked down in the middle of an ant farm. Busy, busy, busy, with coffee vending machines right on the sidewalk. Japan is a very strange society, they love all Western trappings. I never saw so much Chanel on all the young ladies, as well as the amount of plastic Santas. I thought for sure when we came out with our bleached blonde dos and wild outfits that we would dazzle and conquer our audience. You might as well have sent Godzilla because of the look of fear on the faces in the crowd. When John tried to drag one female on the stage, as was customary in our shows, she started to cry. He quickly gave her a record and with tears streaming down her cheeks, she "arigato-ed" her way off stage. So much for conquering!


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Miss April said...

Oh, the memories! I'll have to dig up some photos to use as evidence. We embarrased many, many folks at that club in Tokyo.


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