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Wendy Wild -- 1956-1996. This is Wendy Wild's autobiography. She wrote this in May 1996, just months before her death from breast cancer.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

One of the last shows at Club 57 was Scott Whitman's "The Sound of Muzac", which featured the immortal Holly Woodlawn. It also had more Von Trapp's than the King Family and resembled the Manson clan. I got to Liesel, the eldest daughter and John Sex played Rolf. Together we did the wildest version of "I am sixteen going on seventeen" which resembled much more of a wild sex act.

wendy mad violets

It was now the summer of 83 and the scent of psychedelia was in the air. I formed a new band, the Mad Violets. Our first gig was at the Lucky Strike gallery where we threw our mushrooms to the audience. This worked to our advantage because by the time we launched into "The Trip", the crowd was half-naked and tripping their asses off! We had to put towels on the drums because of the noise complaints that the club received, but on one said how long we could play, which ended up being about 4 hours, (we were tripping too!). When we were booked to play in Worcester, we couldn't find the place because there were no signs for "Wooster" on the map. Finally we turned off the highway to ask a gas station attendant where the hell we were and, of course, we were in the right place but it was nearly midnight. We made it to the club but couldn't help notice all the skinheads who came to see us. We were billed as "Mad Violence" from NYC. Again we gave out mushrooms. It was fun to see them stage diving to the psychedelic music that we played.

I was also known for my stage diving antics as well, particularly at one show in Boston, I was hanging from a pipe go-go dancing with about 50 people on stage for our rendition of "Jump into the Fire". The mob whipped up into such a frenzy that one one noticed when I fell 15 feet flat on my back. When the show was over and I still didn't get up, they finally called an ambulance to cart me away. My recovery was nothing short of miraculous because the next night I was go-go dancing on the stage with the Fleshtones.

My mushroom antics gave me so much notoriety that I was picked to be the cover girl for the August 86 issue of High Times. Carlo McCormick shared the cover with me, and the caption read, "The mushroom queen meets the acid prince". We even wrote a song about mushrooms called, "Psylicybe". Our final endeavor was the release of our EP entitled, "The Mad Violets/The World of LSD". Leave it to the crazy French for leaving "LSD" off the title, so it read, "The World of..."


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